Winking at my LIFE!

“A college degree is not a sign of a finished product but an indication a person is prepared for life.”

Reverend Edward

When I was in my mid-teens, many people asked me about my experiences of my life. I would easily reply that I don’t have any life learning experiences yet. But it all started the moment I stepped into KCLAS started experiencing some of the breathtaking onesKCLAS has allowed me to sharpen my knowledge and skills and to prove myself. I am thankful for my school for this.

 It was an honour to be a part of the first batch of B.Com at KCLAS. The first thing I would like to mention is about the first week during “TAG”, I came to know about diverse people and started interacting with them many were narrow-minded some were like-minded people. I was able to exhibit myself within a week. Once the classes started I started enjoying the company of my people and also learned from them. The staffs require a special mention here. They were more like a best friend to me. My first year went just like that by spending time with friends. There were times I felt low because I started facing domination and other negative acts which naturally happens among all students, but still, I thank those people, it was because of them I got the thought of achieving more and proving myself. Gradually I started opening up myself and voice out my opinions and needs without feeling bashful.

The actual adventure started in my second year. Apart from my B.Com subjects I started doing other jobs and went to other colleges and gained exposure. I attended many guest talk series and I became a club coordinator which further made me stronger and gave me confidence. Now I can proudly say that I’m a part of the EVOLVE web series. My seniors were my next teachers. One of my seniors guided me to do my best in all the activities and he told me that I’m 60% possessed with all the abilities and I should get done with just 40% more. Well, that I feel contented. Then people started calling me a plucky girl. Trust me guys, if you join KCLAS you’ll get attracted to some of my experiences and it will appeal to your imagination. The various Clubs, Guest talks, Industrial visits, Namadhu Pangu, Student leadership councils are a great platform to showcase your talents and is also sunlight which helps your plant to grow into a big tree.

Key takeaways from KCLAS:

  1. I was able to re-invent myself and show who I am.
  2. Teamwork and collaboration through clubs.
  3. Leadership and professionalism.
  4. Career management through career booster classes.
  5. Communication skills by interacting with diverse people.

 “Life is not a bed of roses”. You’ll have to toil a lot to establish yourself. Likewise, there will be a lot of opportunities in your college it’s upon you to drive your car straight without turning right and left (distractions). I would like to end up my blog by saying that to join KCLAS to experience a distinct kind of learning and prominent exposure to show who you are. Kudos to KCLAS for bringing up all of us to such an eminent position with a great gusto because KCLAS is “WHERE YOU WANT TO BE“. These experiences are truly irreplaceable and I would not trade them with anything else. If I could go back and if someone asks me “what has been your best experience?”, the mid-teen version of me certainly would have been surprised by what my answer is now.

“If you want to turn your life around, try thankfulness. It will change your life mightily.”

Gerald Good

Anuradha R | Bachelor of Commere

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Live less out of HABIT and more out of INTENT!

“If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down!”

I have always been in a comfort zone. You may wonder what it is about. Yes, I’m talking about school. We all have been in comfort zone during school days where everything was spoon-fed to us and we didn’t get much of a chance to explore different interests. Also, that’s tiring, right?

To be honest, I didn’t like the idea of being pressured and doing the same routine. I didn’t want to please everyone with my scores anymore because I’ve always been an artistic/creative person. I got to know that I’ve to face new challenges and search for new opportunities to become a better person than before. I was willing to come out of my comfort zone and doing something different. For that, I’ll have to choose the college which is going to be the platform for me to rise and shine. There are hundreds of colleges out there and nothing impressed me much as KCLAS did.

Where do I start?

KCLAS, just like the name sounds, it is a cool and liberal college of dreams. It has breathtaking views and such a beautiful campus that makes me feel so calm and refreshing. The environment does matter when it comes to where we learn right?

KCLAS has it all. To put it in short and sweet, I like everything about this college from the day I was interviewed to this day. KCLAS approaches us in a unique way that gave me exposure to the world and how it works. I’ve learned so many things in this one year by way of attending seminars, lectures, and presentations which was pretty much interesting. I would say that I’m not the same person I used to be one year back.

Apart from what I’m learning, I also had an interest in music from childhood. I was so excited when I become the music club coordinator. It’s such a great thing right, to explore different interests in the same place. I’m really happy to share my experience with YUGAM. YUGAM is something more than the ordinary techno-cultural-sports festival. My best and memorable moments are when I finally conducted an event and I’m so grateful for all the experience I’ve gained so far. And I’m so glad that I made some good memories to cherish.

I couldn’t be more thankful for my supporting professors who always helped me to improve myself and my interests. KCLAS always holds so much for every individual as it did for me. “It’s TIME TO GROW AND GLOW!”

Harsadhaa Swaminathan | Bachelor of Commerce

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Psyched up!

“The mind is it’s own place and in itself, can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven”

John Milton

‘Why Psychology?’ this was the question people kept asking me after I joined the course. I answered them “I want to know more about the human mind”, “I’m taking it after being inspired by my dad” and so on. But when I asked myself that question, I felt that my answers were quite vague. But when I began to know more about the subject. I started realizing that I wasn’t learning about something external, but then I was learning about myself and was getting to know me through psychology and KCLAS has been my cornerstone in enlightening me.

I feel like I was able to learn and even unlearn many things through the different opportunities that I had at  KCLAS and that’s quite important for today’s generation as Alwin Toffler said, “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn”.

It is indeed an honor to be a part of the first batch of Psychology at KCLAS. Once the classes started our batch realized that we’re all like-minded people, interested in exploring the mind and pursuing to help the society. Since the staff and students were new we started with a ‘tabula rosa’ (clean slate) which helped us to spread our wings and chart our path. Psychology is one of the subjects whose relevance we can see every step of the way.

Though I’ve only started my II year my interest in the subject has truly been kindled and I would like to pursue my master’s in forensic psychology and social psychology. Experimental psychology is also quite interesting. I realized that psychology is a subject where one has to read a lot and each time you read new vistas of knowledge opens up. If you are a person interested in the nuances of mind and is keen to know why people behave the way they do: then Psychology beckons you, my friend.

As it is a theoretical subject, one also has the scope to do research and to prove these theories. I had the opportunity to present a paper in a National Conference titled ‘A comparative study of the Nirbhaya case and the Delhi horror case. ‘I think this wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t got the support of my lectures. This was also the first time I traveled alone and it was indeed an enriching experience. One keeps hearing of holistic development, but it’s at KCLAS that I experienced it. I also got the opportunity to unlock my potential – The various clubs, guest lectures, field visits, Namadhu Pangu have all been prisms reflecting on me the need to improve myself. As Frost says, “I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep”.

Diya M | B.Sc Psychology

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Discover Yourself!

Knowing about our-self is the beginning of all wisdom!

Reading books was never my penchant, but the education system expected me to read books after books. However, I had good grasping power and therefore, could understand concepts if someone read or explained them to me. Thus, I managed to pass the 10th Grade with sufficient grades. The science domain always interested me. So, I chose the Bio-Informatics stream for High school. Then came the tremendous struggle to cope up with studies. Biology meant an ample amount of reading and note-making. My aversion to reading led me to hate my classes, teachers, and school in the 11th. Eventually, I began missing exams due to anxiety and fear of failure. The widely popular belief, “Without a good education, one cannot attain great feats” further ruined my self-confidence. Finally, with help from family and teachers, I devised new methods to study. I began accepting failures as a part and parcel of life. Slowly, I started progressing and eventually went on to pass 12th grade with distinction! I believe my score is a result of the shift I made in my thinking, which eventually broke the invisible barrier, fear.

Overcoming fear was not as easy as it is said, it took a lot of will power, effort, and support from near & dear ones. I began challenging myself to try out new things. I realized that like me there are many out there who need encouragement and help to break the shackles of fear. My sincere intention to help people accept their flaws and bring out the best in them led me to pursue Psychology.

While searching for a suitable institution to pursue Psychology, I came across Kumaraguru College of Liberal Arts and Science (KCLAS). Going through the college brochure, the versatile curriculum, the International exposure as well as the numerous opportunities offered by the college caught my attention. Overall, the university suited my requirements.

A year into the course, I can confidently say that joining Psychology in KCLAS was the best career choice I made. It has helped in my overall personality development through real-world exposure. I gained subject knowledge through classroom lectures and a lot more through the various guest talks, workshops, certificate courses, field visits, etc. Being part of the Department of Psychology, I was able to actively spread awareness about suicide on the World Suicide Prevention Day. 

Volunteering is something I can never decline. NSS has given me numerous opportunities to carry out voluntary work. I am also part of the Women Empowerment Cell, which focuses on empowering women in emotional and physical aspects. Additionally, being a member of Super 60 has allowed me to sharpen my leadership skills. KCLAS continues to provide me a platform to discover myself and my interests.

Ever since I joined KCLAS, I have interacted with versatile people and in the process learned numerous life lessons. From my time here, my advice to the readers is, “Be you, discover yourself and your interests. It might be challenging, and you may find numerous obstacles hindering you. But do not give up. Sometimes, all you need is a shift in your perceptive to excel.”

Richa Abraham | B.Sc Psychology

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Curiosity is the gateway to Opportunity!

Individuality will always be one of the essential elements for real elegance!

It takes weeks for a bud to bloom. It has to be watered, cared, nurtured for, and provided with the sunshine that it requires. The same applies to a student – it’s the faculty, peers, and the opportunities provided by the institution that matter. I have received the above in various forms from KCLAS. Apart from providing the fundamentals, KCLAS lives up to its title and allows students to create their career paths, their opportunities. I must include that the clubs and forums too have largely contributed towards who I am today – a detailed oriented, enthusiastic, and well-organized student who grabs opportunities and works efficiently to provide the best of results.

With the encouragement of the faculty and the seniors, I have been able to have insights as to who I am, what are my capabilities, and what are areas I should improve myself in.

To come to think of it, an anonymous person has rightly said that no matter what the time, place, or circumstance is, it’s the people who matter. In the beginning, it might seem tedious to fit into a flock, but it’s all about identifying which group of people you want to fit in with, choose slow but choose wisely.  “Ever experience good or bad is a priceless collector’s item”, and it’s the people who play a huge role.

KCLAS can be perceived in different ways by different people, but it is an individual’s decision, really, on how they view KCLAS. Get an opportunity? Grab it! Search for specks of information, follow them, make something big! Do something big! What is the one thing that makes you stand out from the rest? Identify it! If you are curious, who loves learning, and who wants to make a difference, KCLAS can only mold you into the better version of yourself.

One thing that I have realized is that role models play a very important role in the career path of a person in terms of the vertical in which he/she is interested in. Of course, do not wish to be the next Dr.Abdul Kalam or the next Stephen Hawking, be the best YOU. Role models are looked up to for their experience, their knowledge, and their work, one should learn from them and not duplicate them. Secondly, goal setting is very essential. It can take an individual a long way into what they wish to pursue ultimately in the future. Set a goal, it might take time to identify your niche, but work towards it, be curious. Setting small manageable decisions can go a long way.  Thirdly, be original, and stay calm. Think rationally in any kind of situation and do not get stressed.

Find a new you, here at KCLAS!

Hind Chetwani | Bachelor of Commerce

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Embrace The Uncertainty!




You may wonder why do I want to start with a simple quote that is more familiar to you all, but in the end, you will understand why I have opted specifically for this.

2015-16 the unforgettable year in my life, yes I was doing my 10th std during that year. I had many plans for my future after the 10th. I aimed to become a botonical genetic engineer. I had all my plans running in my head, at the same time I completed my 10th with good scores and I decided to join bio group when everything goes well in your life there must be a sudden twist and turn that god plans for us, in that way my parents asked me to join commerce, I was confused at that part because commerce was never my 2nd option, here is where I realized “WHEN NOTHING GOES RIGHT, GO LEFT” so somehow I joined commerce for my parents’ happiness. My 11th std went well, somehow I convinced myself to be a commerce student and I also came to the end of my school life at that point I was confused to join which college.

My friends had many options and they got an application from many colleges, but I didn’t turn up to do these things. once when I completed my exams and when I was waiting for my results I heard about “Kumaraguru College of liberal arts and science ” it was the first year for KCLAS, so many didn’t know about the college. I came for one orientation about liberal education, I was super happy to join the college after knowing about the liberal education Because liberal education is something which is beyond the books and beyond your subjects. KCLAS was the fuel that I was waiting to spark a fire within me.

I still remember the day when I was waiting for my interview, I wasn’t nervous because I thought this was the right place for me and I made sure that am cracking the interview, to be frank, I thought myself as a KCLASite from the day one when I came for the interview. For me KCLAS is not just a college it’s a whole new lifestyle, we have everything surrounded by us within the gates of our beautiful campus. Right from nature to comfortable classrooms, to best and knowledgeable faculties, to peers, to all clubs and visionary management and this list goes on.

Coming to my personal experience in KCLAS, In these two years, I had got lots of experiences in each activity which had happened in KCLAS like Guest Talks, Workshops, Study visits, Paper presentations, Research projects, mentor meetings, Students Seminars, Online courses, internships, etc. I have worked as a student ambassador; I have also been a DA member. KCLAS gave me numerous opportunities in these two years, when I entered KCLAS I had no idea how I would be but now I’m very clear and bold enough to be me. KCLAS had shaped me and has instilled me to take up various responsibilities. KCLAS instills our passion for life long learning and offers liberty and various opportunities to all its students. I was doing my CMA foundation course, for that, I need to go to classes during the afternoon session KCLAS allowed me to go and attend these classes. Last but not least even during the COVId-19 pandemic, I did as many as Online courses, internships, webinars, etc. KCLAS has never failed to make me active. In the end, KCLAS has inevitably been the best episode of my life! I still can’t believe that now I’m in my final year and I’m hoping for all good things and hopefully let this pandemic end soon!

Nafeya Thacin J | B.Com (Professional Accounting)

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Another Day, Another Art!

Life is always about an Another day, Another Art!

2017, January. I still remember how every teacher of mine was sure that I wouldn’t pass my 10th grade and I’m good for none because I was poor in math and science. Well,  maybe that negative force pushed me to do something and prove them wrong.  My parents have always supported me in whatever I do and in fact, they were the ones who asked to take up something in which there would be something related to art. I’ve been drawing and painting since I was a kid. I’ve had colors in my hand since the day I  started to scribble here and there as a kid. I knew I wanted to study arts but I didn’t know which course to study. Because I knew I wasn’t an introvert who would just sit in one place and draw/paint all day. In the middle of my 12th, my father said he has got transferred to Coimbatore and we’ll have to leave Delhi after my 12th. I was confused, I  didn’t know what to do because I didn’t know that place. It was a new place and I didn’t know which college would be best. My father had some work in KCTBS and that is how he heard about this course named VISUAL COMMUNICATION at KCLAS.  He asked me to give a shot, I came into this campus for my admission but was sure I wanted to study here because the college said it is a “Liberal  Arts” college and that is what makes the the life@KCLAS Unique and fulfilled.

I don’t regret a single decision I made after that day. I’m a part of KCLAS Family pursuing Visual  Communication in, And I can tell everyone that this college brings out the best in people. Be it academics or Extracurricular, you will be put in the right path that will shape your future. Now I have my Art Page in which I post my artworks regularly.  My department has given me the confidence that I can do something and made me believe that I am good at something for which I’ll have to work hard to be the best in it.  Through my college life here I’ve learned one thing that one’s character is very important.  I’d be forever thankful to my seniors and classmates, who are more like a family than just fellow people here around.  Life is all about opportunities and doesn’t let yourself down at any point because you  never know what is in the package god has sent for you. just remember, Life is always  about an “Another day, Another Art!”

Sai Arpita S Iyer | B.Sc Visual Communication

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Preach While You Pursue!


Remember talking to your friends saying “back in our school days”. School days were when everything was up to teachers and your backpack every day and sit dreaming when will I become a college student. Yes, we are in college now and the fact that you are grown up and are part of the society as a responsible adult is scary.

That is when I found out about KCLAS, where education is assorted with experience the word LIBERAL defines the college life of KCLASites. When I first walked into the college, only my dream and aspiration was the motivation to get into BA. Political Science, but never that I knew that college holds not just the degree certificate but the whole personality of an individual. You discover about the abilities you possess which you never knew you had. Your controlling attitude might turn into a leadership skill, your language strength help you to be a debater, your organizational skills will give the best manager tag and also much more. Academics provide loads of knowledge, but experience provides expertise. KCLAS throughout the first year of my college life provided me with lots of opportunities along with challenges, which made me into a reality checker. A human being does not believe in things that they don’t see or hear themselves. I am quite similar to, who believes that self-development can only be mentored and not fed. KCLAS opens a platform called the student committee where voices of students are heard loud and clear. The classroom environment is democratic that every single decision taken by the department as a whole will involve the opinion of each student studying there. You don’t have to be an extrovert to be recognized inside KCLAS, your actions will speak louder than the words. Your achievements inside and outside the college will be regarded as their achievement too. Your failure will speak for itself. Never has been a day when your failures become a setback for you. The scope of improvement and the field to ace your strength is and will always be the priority for KCLAS.

My journey in KCLAS for a year now gave me the identification power of myself in front of others. Failures were always part of my life, but the improvement was always my backup plan. Always with a new start and new enthusiasm the day begins and ends on a happy note that accomplishment and satisfaction are the results of hard work. I might over-estimate myself at some places but there is always a reality check waiting for me to pull me back from my black hole and say “You have two more years left, learn more”.

Janani Ramesh | BA Political Science

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In My Element!

“We are limited, not by our abilities, but by our vision.”

Have you ever wondered why life is not the same for everyone? Are we all experiencing the same reality? I believe that the difference lies in perspective. Perhaps, the most exquisite thing about life is that all perspectives are not unique but also completely relevant. While everyone I knew was either becoming an engineer, doctor, or a lawyer, I decided to take the road less taken. I didn’t want to be among one in a million, but be the one in a million. This was the only reason for me to opt for B.Com. Many successful businessmen kick-started their journey to success with a humble B.Com degree. All the choices I’ve made in life were predominantly based on the kind of atmosphere and the amount of exposure I’d endure. Similarly, when I was on the hunt for a college to suit my extremity, I found KCLAS. I had found the fuel to the fire within me, dying to be exposed to a world of creativity, innovation, divergence, acumen, and what not?

I still remember my first day at KCLAS, I was staring wide-eyed at the huge block where I was to attend my interview. I wasn’t nervous at all, the whole atmosphere made me feel as cool as a cucumber. Call it a hunch, but I somehow knew that this was my cup of tea. And I was right. I had become a KCLASite. KCLAS is not just a college, it’s a whole new lifestyle in my opinion. We have everything we need within the gates of our beautiful campus. Right from understanding and knowledgeable professors, to supportive seniors, to welcoming peers, to enthusiastic alumni and visionary top management, the list goes on.

Now coming to my personal experiences in KCLAS, the first one that I’d like to talk about is how my advisor and department faculty supported my endeavor into the Company Secretary course. They encouraged me to give it my best shot. Having cleared the foundation level, I hope to clear the looming levels at the earliest. My second experience would be “YUGAM”. Yugam is much more than just a techno-cultural fest. To me, it was an experience packed with buzz, culture, and learning. Being a part of the fest moulds you into an enhanced version of yourself. Another experience that I’d like to mention here is about the number of conferences and inter-college events that we’re exposed to. We also have guest talks from eminent personalities from different walks of life, now and then. Each step in KCLAS is a learning. They leave no leaf unturned. Life at KCLAS is everything that I ever dreamed of.

Tejaswini Ravikumar | Bachelor of Commerce

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Political Science and Me!

“The ones, who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do!”

I’m an ordinary boy with extraordinary dreams. Yes, that is how I define myself. College life is an important phase in everyone’s life. Most of the students decide their college and the course first and then their careers. But I belonged to the opposite category, I decided my career first and then my college and course. I am a UPSC aspirant from class 8, I decided my career path with one thing in my mind “I shouldn’t follow the herd”. I dared to dream and I wanted to do something different, but efficient to turn my dreams into tangible ones. Political science became my choice after consulting a few. KCLAS was the only college I approached for joining, I liked everything and felt greatly contented during my first visit to the college.

Political science started with a bang. We had a terrific start as we had a healthy discussion on a hot topic on the first day itself. It was just a glimpse of what is about to happen throughout the year. Everyone in the class was of great caliber. I saw diverse thoughts and substantial thinking among my classmates. All my classmates inspired me in their own ways, be it studying, public speaking or preparing for the civil services examination, everyone has their positive impacts on me. I am actually gleeful and gratified to have this set of people as my peers.

Political science, academically being a vast sea, my teachers took the possible ways to make it a safe ride for us. They shared a lot of knowledge with us not just the things in the book, but mainly things that can’t be read in a book. They don’t go with boring lectures always but with interesting games and fun events to make us understand the topic clearly. Unlike other departments, we discuss current events and social issues in the class more than the subject topics.

The guest lectures we have had created a lot of interests and inspired us. We were taken to field visits which play a great role in our holistic development. We got to know a lot of things practically through field visits. we were taken to the district court of Coimbatore, where we spent a day and learned the court proceedings and other internal factors. We conversed with Chief justice in a special session. We visited two panchayat offices as well. Which helped us to know the ground reality of the panchayat system and its functions.

We got special chances to meet and converse with today’s leaders. We spoke with two different members of the parliament Mr. P Natarajan and Ms. Jothimani. We got to know about the functions of the political leaders. The struggles they face and the reactive work they do. The meetings not only helped us to know about the leaders but also inspired us to become one. I am also involved in qubate Club. I attended quite a number of quiz competitions and won a few prizes. As my time here in KCLAS so far is nothing less than Awesome!

Saran S | B.A Political Science

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